Cell-wise driving


Switched Architecture Battery Management Systems


SwitchESS develops a pioneering switched-cell technology for battery energy storage systems (BESS) which integrates inverter / charger / battery management system functions in an all-in-one disruptive architecture.

SwitchESS solution can be leveraged in all traditional battery applications from kW to hundreds of kW, and in special applications where AC and DC is necessary (electrical distribution network, EV Charging).


Switched-cell battery

Traditional battery architecture

Battery with serial/parallel fixed interconnected cells


  • Inverter may degrade performances, reliability and efficiency of energy storage system
      • Compatibility with battery specification
      • Size, dimensions and cost of the inverter
  • Battery performances depends on the weakest cell
      • It is not possible to use different cell technologies within the same battery
      • The least efficient cell - faulty, discharged or over-temperature - limits the performance of the entire battery
      • A faulty cell cannot be isolated
      • All cells within a battery must exhibit low dispersion in performance
      • Reusing second-life cells is expensive because cell sorting is long

SwitchESS battery 3-in-1 architecture

Low voltage transistors manage each cell of the pack


  • Improved power conversion efficiency (round-trip yield improvement)
  • Individual management of the charging status of each cell
  • Exclusion of a failing cell ensuring continuity of service and higher safety level
  • Ability to mix cells with heterogeneous chemistries or state of health (SoH)
  • Reduction of the CEM emission
  • Reduction of SoC and SoH error estimation
  • Autonomy improvement (20%)
  • Lifetime improvement (15%)
  • Simplified diagnostic & maintenance, reliability improved

Our services

From BMS conception to production

Design and manufacturing of battery energy storage systems (BESS) based on patented switched-cell architecture

  • Hardware architecture based on switched-cell technology
  • Software engineering / data processing

Firmware design

  • Functional analysis
  • Architecture definition
  • Implementation/coding
  • Development and tests

Electronic board design

  • Block diagram definition
  • Electronic components choice and board layout
  • Development and tests


  • Design and manufacturing of advanced representative prototypes
  • Development and tests

About us


SwitchESS is a french company based in Nouvelle-Aquitaine region, born in 2018 from a collaboration with the CEA TECH.

SwitchESS’ goal is to develop, industrialize and market power storage solutions based on the switched-cells architecture, mostly for stationary applications.


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